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"Transporting you Beyond the Boundary of Hope"

CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION SCOTLAND (CEESCOTLAND) is a dynamic, independent social enterprise, supporting and inspiring the communities, and helping young people, particularly the vulnerable to achieve their full potential in learning, work and life.


Through our insight and dedication, we seek to help the young people discover who they are, and to become who they truly are. Our ethos is geared towards transporting our service users beyond their boundary of hope. Our service delivery is underpinned at the heart of the community.


We simply do not meet the service users’ aspiration, we equally follow through so that their dreams could become a tangible and palpable reality. We are community-led organisation aim to advance entrepreneurship education through the unveiling of social and economic potential of the community in the true sense of the word. 


Without mincing words, entrepreneurs are the engine room of any economy, and thus essential to its recovery and growth. Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Scotland is about creating those new generation of entrepreneurs willing and ready to change the course of history, first at the community level, and then the larger community. Our format of entrepreneurship education is different from everyday school activities and is not about academic achievement, rather it is about discovery, nurturing and incentivising business ideas.

What set us apart




50 Wellington Street

Suite 215, 2nd floor 


G2 6HJ



M:  07488-4848-39


Monday - Friday 

11:00 am to 5:00 pm



1.00 pm to 15:00 pm




We are at the heart of the community. Our approach to entrepreneurship education is bottom-up and our commitment is enmeshed in seeing the community reach its potential. The Entrepreneurship Centre is tailored to meet individual community needs and to develops their skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work. The purpose of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Scotland is to advance social entrepreneurship at the community level and to galvanise the community social entrepreneurs as a catalyst for community confidence, innovation and prosperity.


Setting up and running a company is something that the community of all ages will benefit from. This is because every individual has the right to be exposed to ownership concepts, to the possibility of ownership, and to the habits of thoughts that lead to wealth creations.


Our innovative and entrepreneurial solutions are tailored to improving and incentivising the community at the grass root level because we are a people centred organisation.


Our entrepreneurship programme is designed, implemented and delivered in ways that maximises benefit to young people and the wider community. It is also tailored to reflect the diverse set of needs and aspirations of young people irrespective of colours, creed or cultural differences.
As a people centred organisation, we intend collaborating with businesses, statutory organisations, government at all level and civil society to finance and develop programme of activities that suits the need of the community. We are confident that our entrepreneurship education at the community level will certainly be one of the key solutions to redirecting youth energy away from violence and pointing them towards innovation, self-confidence and discovery of who they truly are and therefore, able to impart the society positively.



Our Supporters/Sponsors

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