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 The Core of our Work

There is no doubt that poverty is a disease that infect the entire community in the form of unemployment and violence, failing in schools and broken homes, the prognosis is not just to treat these symptoms in isolation, but to heal the entire community.  At CEESCOTLAND, we take the battle to the root cause of poverty plaguing our community. We are a small group of committed and thoughtful individual willing to change the community positively through a wholesome entrepreneurial education.


We represent the community conscience in terms of encouraging the public and communities to take control of their own public services [development and service delivery]. This is because we firmly believe that individuals and communities are often better placed to improve their own wellbeing-We all feel better when we are able to make use of our skills and strengths to improve our own lives and the lives of our friends, family and the local community. As social enterprise, we act as catalyst to encouraging sustainable development of the local communities and economy through entrepreneurial education.


We are creative and innovative organisation with an expertise in the area of entrepreneurship education, community development, environmental/climate change education, risk management, grant & funding management, mentoring programme and financial inclusion education. We are at the bedrock of representing local opinion and finding ways to galvanising, incentivising community ownership & involvement in the day to day running of the community business such as the quality of service delivery, education, skills & employment and the environment etc.



At CEESCOTLAND, we help lone parents tackle the many challenges they face in getting into the job market. It is estimated that there are over 174,000 lone parents with 295,000 children in Scotland. Just below half are living in income poverty. While many lone parents want to work, escalating competition for jobs along with the challenge of finding the right childcrae can mean some strugle to sustain or secure a job. We want to see the lives of lone parents improve by the provision of education, employability and childcrae services specifically tailored to the community needs. For further information, send us an email and

CEESCOTLAND is a dynamic, independent social enterprise, supporting and inspiring communities and helping young people, particularly the vulnerable to achieve their full potential in learning, work and life

Our Vision is predicated on creating Innovative, Insightful, Resilient and Entrepreneurial Community.


Our Mission is to empower and enable the community discover who they truly are, and provide the opportunities to help the community become the best they can be through holistic and transformational education.


Centre for Entrepreneurship education Scotland is a community Interest Company based in Glasgow which provides a stable and sustainable work experience and training programme for young adults from a range of backgrounds. Some of our trainees have learning disabilities, and others are just unable to find work due to limited educational qualifications and a lack of opportunities in the jobs' market.


We are a social enterprise, meaning that we are driven by social and environmental purposes rather than profit. Our programme employs a buddy system, partnering young people with learning disabilities with those from mainstream education for mutual benefit. It promotes social inclusion, challenges the impact of economic isolation and helps give confident individuals  ability to make positive life choices.


Through our work experience and training programme, we can offer a solution to the ‘what now?’ scenario which faces the families of many young people during life transitions. Aside form the entrepreneurship education, we also help our trainees in developing fundamental life skills, personal finances and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our development initiatives provides opportunities for employment capabilities and help young vulnerable people increase their self-esteem and confidence they require in the journey to self-discovery of who they truly are and the limitless possibility to their dreams.


The programme is run by Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Scotland C.I.C., a community interest company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland number SC464220, managed by members of the management committee.

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