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Education research is a field of enquiry aimed at advancing education and learning processes and dvelopment of the tools and methosd to support this endeavours. We have the responsibility as a centre of entrepreneurship to be able to describe, understand, and explain how learning take place throughout the life cycle and how formal and informal processes of education affect learning, attainment, and the capacity to lead productive lives in the community.


It therefore behoves on us to provide the light and the gateway towards understanding every aspect of the human psychology in relationship to entrepreneurship. We seek to be the beacon of HOPE to the community especially those down trodden and the so called "society rejects" who are often at the back end of the justice sytems by helping and incentivising them to aim for higher and that there is no limit to what they can achieve if they set their heart and mind to to do. We provide the wherewithal, in terms of skills, confidence and the fighting spirtit to develop themselves in order to take up the challenge of life itself.


As a result, our first research using case study method will focus on the reasons why the Black and Ethnic Minority seem to be laid back in the area of entreprepreneurship. The outcome of the research will help the policy makers prioritised their services so that it can both be beneficial and result orientated.


The first research will be nade public before the end of this year and tiltled: Dealing with the challenges to developing entrepreneurship culture among the Black & Ethnic Minority Group in Scotland.


The unifying purpose for education research is to build cumulative and sound knowledge about human and social process of fundamental significance to individuals, to groups, and to the larger society.

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